Paul Parker - Provenance Surround Album

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Provenance was produced alongside the creation of Barcode Industries' flagship instrument, BEYOND Provenance. As the album was produced, the instrument also evolved to fit the needs of creating various sounds and textures. Among many features that blossomed from the album, special emphasis was put into the ability to control the discrete surround image from patch to patch. This allows for the development of some truly immersive sound design that truly surrounds the listener while also retaining detail and focus.

The 5.1 production is not just comprised of up-mixing with reverb and spatialization utilities, but relied heavily on using BEYOND's quad and 5.1 synth engine to create a large, always fully discrete surround image.

With the exception of the guitars and cymbals on Demonocracy and the piano in Trajectory Unknown, every sound on the album was generated and sculpted using the BEYOND Provenance.

Provenance was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Paul Parker.

48kHz, 24-bit, 5.1 AIFF files
Download size is ~2gb

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