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BEYOND Provenance

Musical Sound Design for the Modern Composer.

Loaded with over 250 professionally crafted snapshots, the sonic scope of what BEYOND Provenance is capable of is monumental. From immersive cinematic soundscapes, to driving rhythms, to tantalizing movement and textures, every sound will jumpstart your inspiration.

Featuring 32 meticulously crafted sound sources, Provenance creates evocative timbres using its extremely deep modulation capabilities. With over 65 patch points and a powerful 16-voice, dual layer arp/sequencer, the only limit to what BEYOND can do is your imagination.


$149.00 USD

Additionally, the album Provenance was also produced in 5.1 surround, utilizing some of the BEYOND engine's more advanced, cutting edge features.

Click here to get the album in high resolution 48kHz, 24-bit surround AIFF.

Capable of going from delicate icy tones to nasty overdriven fatness, Barcode Industries has done something special with BEYOND Provenance.

Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails, SAW franchise, Wayward Pines)

I find BEYOND remarkable! It's crazy powerful and has a super fat sound. An added bonus for anyone working in immersive audio, this is the only synth on the market that can work in immersive formats. Enjoy and thank me later!

Reinhold Heil (Spliff, Cloud Atlas, Deadwood)

Equally suited for introspective and thoughtful atmospheres as it is for thick and driving basses, BEYOND Provenance is a true asset to any composer.

Esin Aydingoz (Lead Composer, AudioBrew)

Super simple yet perfectly complex. BEYOND Provenance sits exactly where I want it in the mix - not all overhyped like so much other stuff out there.

Jeff Cardoni (Composer: Silicon Valley, Young Sheldon)

Pick up BEYOND Provenance Now for $149.00

The BEYOND engine for Kontakt inspires creativity with a powerful yet intuitive interface.

Different from most other sample based synth engines on the market, the power to manipulate performances and create new sounds is completely in your hands. Everything is fully adjustable - there are no road blocks or baked in sequences. Every aspect of the sound can be adjusted to fit your creative needs.

At the core of any sound machine is creative and inspiring sound sources. BEYOND Provenance features 32 incredibly detailed oscillators that jump out of the speakers with life. Great effort was put into ensuring that each source never sits idle. Sonically speaking, the sounds live somewhere between physical modeling and wavetable synthesis.

The sonic possibilities are expanded even further by sequencing and layering individual sounds. The 16 step, dual-layer sequence engine has six modes: Arp, Mono, Poly, Round Robin, Keyswitch, and Unison. Each mode has numerous customization options to fit any scenario.

It's always important to use your ears when making sound adjustments, but a visual aid is also an extremely valuable tool. In BEYOND, what you see is what you get - know exactly what is happening as you modulate parameters throughout the 65+ patchpoints.

BEYOND has 7 super-expressive, freely assignable modulation sources. This includes Envelopes, an LFO, Velocity, Randomization, Key Tracking, Modwheel, and Expression. In combination with the ridiculous number of patchpoints, the possibilities are endless.

The unsung hero of the BEYOND engine is the extremely robust FX section. Not only do these FX modules sound top-notch, but almost every FX parameter has a modulation patchpoint for creative mangling.

For instance, you can use velocity to control the Impact knob of the Punch module or the amount of Drive in Dirt. Or use the modwheel to morph the Size or Shape of the reverb.

If you can dream it, BEYOND can do it.

Lastly, BEYOND has some extremely deep output routing possibilities for the power user. This is especially a game changer for anyone working in immersive audio as it allows for the output of up to 16 discrete audio channels.


1 nki
275 professionally crafted snapshots
32 unique sound sources (about 1 gb of .ncw lossless samples)
Utilize up to 16 individually assignable voices in 2 layers
Advanced Arpeggiator/Sequencer engine
Unison mode for creating phat pads
Robust and unique FX performance capabilities
65+ patchpoints offer a multitude of modulation capabilities
7 dynamic modulation sources

System Requirements

FULL version Kontakt v6.2.2+ (sold separately)
Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, Intel Core 2 Duo+
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
An Internet connection for download and installation. Once installed, the product can be used offline.
2 or more GB of disk space
4 GB RAM (6+ GB recommended)

Journey Beyond

BEYOND Provenance is Available Now for Only $149.00 USD